Trevor Lawrence: A Generational Talent


Clemson University Quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, is a generational talent. The 20-year old stands at a towering 6’6” and 220 pounds. The rising junior backed up former Clemson QB, Kelly Bryant, until week 5 when Lawrence took the world by storm, leading the Tigers to a National Championship win over Alabama in 2018.

Lawrence has totaled 5,778 passing yards, 58 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions. He has also added another 551 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns in his collegiate career (via ESPN).

In just two seasons, Lawrence has been named to the All-ACC second-team once and the first-team once. He won the ACC Football Rookie of the Year Award in 2018 and is a two-time Atlantic Coast Conference Champion. Lawrence is also the first true freshman quarterback to start in the National Championship game since 1985, at the age of 19 (via. American Football Database Fandom).


Yes, Lawrence’s stats aren’t ranked in the top 10 accoring to ESPN, but he has the complete game.


Lawrence isn’t just a quarterback that can throw 20-25 yards down the middle of the field, he can also throw dots to the corners on fade routes. Lawrence’s can make any throw from the pocket to outside the numbers. His timing on screen routes is perfect, leading his receiver to this outside, and away from defenders. His accuracy is undoubtedly one of the best in college football’s recent past.

Arm Strength

The arm strength of Lawrence is key to the Clemson offense. His arm strength allows Clemson to run different formations at different times and attack the tops of defenses. Lawrence is able to throw any pass down the field, over safety’s of defenses like North Carolina and Ohio State. He even has the ability to throw strikes deep on the run. The strength of Lawrence’s arm is something defensive backs always have to worry about.

Pocket Presence

When you look at Trevor Lawrence on the football field you see a tall and lanky quarterback that looks like a pocket passer, but he is more than that. Lawrence has the ability to sit in the pocket and let plays develop downfield, but if it doesn’t open up, he can run outside the pocket and escape pressure. He also has the ability to break off long runs on read-option plays like he did against Ohio State in the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Lawrence broke off for a 67-yard touchdown run and eventually would take over and defeat Ohio State.

Trevor Lawrence is a force to be reckoned with and a name to look out for to be the 1st overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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