NBA Barbershop Bubble in the Works

The NBA is in the works of building a barbershop for all of the players currently in the Orlando bubble.

Over the past couple of weeks, the NBA has made it evident that they are attempting to make the bubble in Orlando be as comfortable as possible for the players. Although there have been mixed opinions from the players on their living conditions, the opinions will certainly become more positive with the creation of a barbershop for them.

What’s interesting about this barbershop is the fact that it looks like something straight out of a 2k game. From its semi-small dimensions to its streetside location, it looks identical to a building from the neighborhood.


This barbershop is a must for some of the players. Although a number have had private barbers already cut their hair, we’ve seen a couple of them sport some questionable cuts. Jayson Tatum, for example, showed off a new hairstyle on social media a couple weeks back that got heaps of judgement and we can’t really say it was unwarranted.


This is certainly a step in the right direction for Adam Silver and the NBA.

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