Dwight Howard Claims to Have Been Reported for Coronavirus Violations


With the NBA returning, Adam Silver made it clear that the players need to be keeping themselves safe in order to avoid getting infected. This meant, they had to follow all of the guidelines the NBA had put into place for COVID-19.

If players weren’t following the COVID-19 rules, then anyone could call the NBA’s anonymous tip line to report the player that supposedly broke the rule.

One of the players who believes he was told on was Los Angeles Lakers Center Dwight Howard.


Howard, who played for Orlando for years, is living in Disney World for the first time since he was traded to Los Angeles in 2012.

He seemed to be enjoying himself, seeing Disney World, and chilling in his new living space, until he got word that the NBA knew that he violated one of the COVID-19 rules.

“Somebody told on me.” He said regarding the NBA hotline, however, it’s possible that he may have simply outed himself.

While he was at Disney World, he posted multiple videos without his mask on posted below:

So as you can see, it’s likely Howard’s videos were simply found by one of the NBA higher-ups. He posted too many videos to not get noticed.

Hopefully, he can take this as a lesson to not risk his health and wear a mask, as all of you guys at home should do as well.

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