Rockets Superstar Russell Westbrook Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus


When the Rockets arrived in Orlando, it was curious that their two superstars, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, did not appear to be with the team.

Although Harden;s absence is still a mystery, we know what happened to Westbrook.

“I tested positive for covid-19 prior to my teams departure to Orlando. I’m currently feeling well, quarantined, and looking forward to rejoining my teammates when I am cleared. Thank you for the well wishes and continued support. Please take this virus seriously. Be safe. Mask up! #whynot”


Westbrook discovered he tested positive soon before the Rockets left, however, Russell was asymptomatic, meaning he is unaffected by the virus, however, he is able to carry it to other players.

Because of this, Westbrook did not travel with the team and will join them soon as he appears to be nearing the end of his quarantine.

There has been no word on why Harden did not travel with the team, but he is also supposedly joining the team midway through the week.

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