Bruno Caboclo Breaks Quarantine, Forced to Isolate for 8 Days


Former Raptors draft pick, and current Rockets player Bruno Caboclo has been forced to isolate in his hotel room for 8 days, after breaking quarantine. This is most definitely not a good look for him, his team or the league at this point in time.

Much has been made about how players will abide by certain rules set during the end of the season in Orlando. Obviously, the hope is for as few infractions as possible, to keep players safe, and so the league can run smoothly. The season will only go as planned if all players abide by the restrictions the league officials have set.

This may not be a huge decision, as Caboclo rarely plays for Houston, but hopefully it is not a sign of things to come. Players are going to need to be responsible or this Orlando playoffs may not go the way the league intended.

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