Russell Westbrook Takes Offense to his Ranking on Bleacher Report Top 100


Recently Bleacher Report recently released their top 100 players currently in the league. Among the controversial rankings was Russell Westbrook’s placement at number 22.

The ranking, as expected, was met with backlash from both fans and Westbrook himself. Players such as Jayson Tatum and Kris Middleton were among the most head-scratching players ranked above the Brodie.

In a post by the Instagram page,, Westbrook commented “hahahahahahahahahah” in regard to the ranking, heavily implying that he takes it as a joke.


However, knowing Russell Westbrook, he’s going to use this as motivation when he hits the court in the near future. The NBA resumes July 30th and the rockets seem destined for a 2nd round exit …unless this further unlocks the Beast in Beastbrook.

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