NBA Bubble Life

As of right now, all teams have arrived in the bubble. As the NBA is concerned for the risk of players contracting Covid-19, players will be restricted with the ability to travel outside the bubble. Being stuck in an area waiting for the season to start can’t be fun at all. Quite a few players have expressed their opinions of staying in the bubble…

Photo by Eric Gay/Associated Press

Jordan Clarkson immediately expressed his displeasure with Orlando on Twitter upon arrival. He tweeted a GIF of a child who was behind a fence and wanted to get out. He also tweeted “just turned vegan, against our own will haha.” The Utah Jazz guard has not come short of voicing his irritation of staying in the bubble. He is not alone, as others have used social media to complain about their stay in Orlando.

While the situation may not be the greatest, they have scrimmages starting July 22nd to look forward too. Players will be able to return playing the the sport they love: basketball!


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