Dan Snyder to Announce Name Retirement of ‘Redskins’ Tomorrow


Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder will announce a name change on Monday per NFL Insider Mike Jones. The franchise has used “Redskins” since 1993 where they were first known as the Boston Redskins.

This comes as a few weeks ago Washington announced that they were undergoing a “thorough investigation” of their team name. The investigation came just after Nike pulled all Redskins merchandise from their website and FedEx owner Snyder and a partial minority owner in the Redskins asked the Franchise to change their name.

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For many years people have brought up the attention of the Redskins name and how it was used as a racial remark to Native Americans, however there was never a name change. Now in 2020, the franchise will change their name and it should be very interesting to see what they decide to be called from here on out. The Last time an NFL team swapped names was in 1999 when the Tennessee Oilers became the Tennessee Titans.


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