Cowboys and Prescott “Not Close” on a Contract Extension Despite Deadline on Wednesday


The Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott are reportedly “not close” to an agreement on a contract extension. The Cowboys have just three more days to try and work something out as the deadline for a contract extension is 4 PM EST July 15.

The long-awaited battle between the Cowboys and Prescott continues with the Cowboy’s last offer being a 5-year deal worth $35 million per year. Dak reportedly wanted a deal that was worth around $35 million per year but it is now reported he wants a 4-year contract rather than locking in for five years. Prescott was set to become potentially the highest paid QB in the league but with the recent monster contract of Patrick Mahomes, it looks like Dak being the highest-paid looks less likely. Although that may be another reason he declined the $35 million per year as Precott probably believes he deserves a Mahomes type of deal despite Mahomes winning an MVP and Super Bowl.

Prescott led the Cowboys to a record of 8-8 just missing a playoff spot, throwing for 4,902 yards along with 30 touchdowns and 11 interceptions with a completion percentage of 65.1%. 


Fellow Dallas star Amari Cooper already cashed in on his big payday with a deal worth $100 million for five years after it was rumored he wanted a big contract and had no desire to play elsewhere. If Prescott and the Cowboys fail to reach an agreement he will be playing under the exclusive franchise tag worth $31.4 million. 

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