New England Patriots have Picked up $6.55M in Cap Space in a Compensation Grievance Case


The New England Patriots have picked up $6.55M in cap space in a compensation grievance case with Antonio Brown and Aaron Hernandez both former players of the franchise.

The Patriots originally owed Brown up to $9 million and now with the settlement, he will now receive a pretty solid amount of $5 million considering he only appeared in one game. New England then received a $2.55 million credit as they settled a long-running compensation with former late tight end Hernandez.

Along with the compensation grievance money picked up, the Patriots re-worked the contract of running back Rex Burkhead after they had just under $500,00 in cap space. Along with the fact New England just picked up quarterback Cam Newton which saw the former MVP receive little to no money by the franchise. The Patriots now have a decent amount of  $7.79 million which could be used for a solid veteran out to prove himself or picking up random players for depth.

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