Nikola Jokic Rumored to Have Had Major Weight Loss, Up To Potentially 40 Pounds


Nikola Jokic has reportedly lost 40 pounds over the NBA’s hiatus.

Jokic can only be described as one of the stars of today’s NBA. Often argued to be the best center in the entirety of basketball, opposing defenses have no game-plan to guard a 6’10” offensive beast with playmaking abilities similar to a guard.

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In the past, many fans have liked to poke fun at Jokic’s “chubby” physique. Those days may have just come to an end with one single report. A report that states he has lost 40 pounds over the break from basketball.


If true, this could completely change his game, both for good and possibly the bad. His post scoring would definitely become a bit harder because backing down opponents with less weight would certainly take more effort. Along with this, his defense could become worse in the post. Instead of being a big-body force, he would be a slimmer, more agile defender. His perimeter defense may become better but his post defense would most likely suffer.

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On the flip side, he would become a whole lot quicker. This would make running the floor and creating shots for himself easier. His playmaking would also be benefited as being able to move quicker makes passes faster and more prevalent.

All in all, if this report is accurate, it will be very entertaining to watch Jokic in this continued NBA season and very interesting to see how he adapts to his new frame.

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