Terry Francona: “The Time Has Come” For Indians To Change Name


The Cleveland Indians have been under scrutiny for the past decade over their team name and logo. Their prior logo, an image of Chief Wahoo, has been removed from the team’s apparel in 2018 after a 71-year stretch. Their current logo is the “Block C” but some people believe this is not a large enough change, and that the name needs to go as well.

    Indians skipper Terry Francona believes it is time to change the club’s name as well. The 61-year-old stated “Even at my age, you don’t want to be too old to learn or to realize that, maybe I’ve been ignorant of some things, and to be ashamed of it, and to try to be better.” The team announced they will begin reviewing a name change after the Washington Redskins of the NFL stated their name and logo may undergo changes.

It will be interesting to see which name the Indians decide to use going forward, if in fact they do change it. For over 100 years they were referred to as the Cleveland Indians, but it seems as this will surely change. The team could possibly change their name to honor one of their franchise greats such as Larry Doby or Bob Feller. Both are MLB Hall of Famers, and Doby was the first African American to play in the American League. Many are in favor of a new beginning for Cleveland, and there are many options for names, but the decision is in their hands now.

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