Gobert is “Happy Now” After Hate Messages Due to Positive COVID-19 Test


Jazz star, Rudy Gobert, is “happy now” after receiving backlash for being the first NBA player to test positive for the Corona virus and is the main reason the NBA had suspended the season on March 11. Gobert described the experience being hated during an interview with reporters:

“Obviously, when you have the whole world judging you and threatening you or sending you a lot of negative energy and stuff like that, it’s something that I would say is not easy as a human being”

Gobert says that he is “happy” that he gets the “joy back from playing basketball”. Gobert even went as far to say that the teams goal is to try and “win the championship”.


After speculation that either Gobert or Mitchell would be traded during the offseason due to Gobert’s careless actions surrounding the virus, Mitchell and Gobert spoke about their relationship. Gobert said that their relationship will “never be perfect,” but has improved. Mitchell said “right now, we’re good”. He said that the two are “ready to hoop” in Orlando.

The improving relationship between Gobert and Mitchell is a positive for hopeful Jazz fans heading into Orlando.

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