The NFL May Make Fans Sign A Coronavirus Liability Waiver


With Coronavirus still affecting us, it has shut down everything from hanging out with family, friends, and for some people even school. The Sports world took a huge hit when the NBA started a domino effect of suspending their season and finally, in July many sports leagues are returning except for one thing. There will be no fans attending games except for one league who might just have fans in attendance. The NFL may make fans sign a Coronavirus liability waiver in order for them to attend upcoming games for the 2020 season.

Nothing is official as this is just an idea thrown out there in the air but it does seem like it could be an option for the NFL. A few weeks ago the NFL announced the attendance for games will be determined by state-by-state or county-by-county which will likely result in some games where there are few fans and others there are none. This year was going to be a big year for the NFL with the debut of two new stadiums as SoFi Stadium and Allegiant Stadium were expected to attract many fans for their unique and one of a kind build. For what was to be an incredible experience for some fans who were going to witness the debut of the stadium in person they will now witness it from their home.

The New York Giants and Jets have told season ticket holders they can skip the 2020 season and get a refund for their money or credit for any payments they have already submitted. The Teams also will allow those fans to have priority for renewing season tickets in 2021. Regardless of fans or not the NFL has already mentioned they will close off the first 6-8 rows with tarps that would have advertisements creating revenue for what would be lost with fans not attending.

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