Michael Irvin Allegedly Stabbed Teammate In The Neck Over A Haircut


A while ago, a story came out regarding former Cowboys star and NFL legend Michael Irvin, and it’s something that the Cowboys legend definitely would like to erase from his past.

In Irvin’s 2nd last season with the Dallas Cowboys (1998) he was still one of the best wideouts in the league. Despite being the age of 32, Irvin was still performing like he was in his prime. We’ve heard many stories of disagreements and scuffles between teammates, but none quite as crazy as this.

On a day in 1998, Michael Irvin needed a haircut. He headed down to the barber shop and saw teammate Everett Mciver. Mciver was a new acquisition however, was the starting right guard on the team and someone that was respected by all of his teammates. While he was getting his haircut, Irvin walked up to him and allegedly tried to get him out of the chair. It was clear Irvin was not having the best day, nor was he the nicest person on the roster.

Michael Irvin reveals he's being tested for throat cancer
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When Irvin tried to force him out of the chair after screaming, “Punk get the f*** out of my chair” numerous times for what witnesses said was for “No reason”, Mciver got up out of his chair.

It’s said that a physical altercation broke out in the middle of the barber shop. Mciver got up and pushed Irvin before Irvin grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the neck. It could have done some serious damage, but luckily for both men that it did not hit any major arteries.

The Cowboys knew about the incident about the teammates but did not want to let this get out in the media, no matter what. It is said that they spent millions of dollars and plenty of time trying to cover up the issue. Mciver never pressed charges on the HOF receiver however, it’s said that he was paid potentially millions to drop the charges and forget about the incident.

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