What’s Next for Ninja and Shroud After Mixer Shutdown


Microsoft recently shut down its streaming platform “Mixer” and began a partnership with Facebook gaming. All streamers that are partnered on Mixer will also become partnered on Facebook Gaming. Starting July 22, Mixer will direct all of its viewers directly to Facebook gaming from mixer.com.

Mixer began its popularity after signing Ninja and Shroud to their platform on deals worth more than 10’s of millions of dollars. Reportedly, Facebook offered both Ninja and Shroud double the amount they were paying on Mixer, but both streamers declined

Both Ninja and Shroud thanked the platform and told their audience that they are still figuring out what comes next.


After moving to Mixer, both Ninja and Shroud’s numbers dropped dramatically. Although, both streamers viewership dropped, the streamers were making more money off their contracts to stream on Mixer. Popular streamer, SypherPK, said:

“I can tell you one thing if I know for certain is that Ninja and Shroud are not gonna stream anywhere for free

It is clear why neither Ninja nor Shroud would want to stream anywhere without a contract due to the high-pay they would have made from Facebook. SypherPK also said that is is likely Ninja and Shroud are looking for contracts from either Twitch or YouTube:

 “They’re both gonna try to land a deal either with Twitch or YouTube”

Moving to either YouTube or Twitch would make the most sense for the 2 streamers, since the 2 platforms are by far the most popular.

It is only up to time to tell where the 2 will stream next and keep an eye out for reports soon.

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