Famous Fortnite Streamer “Ninja” Reportedly Made $30M Streaming On Microsoft’s “Mixer” Before It Closed Down


Famous Fortnite Battle Royale streamer Tyler Blevins also known as “Ninja” was reportedly paid upwards of $30 million dollars to quit streaming on Amazon’s Twitch and instead move to Microsoft’s Mixer and stream all of his game play there instead. Ninja is known by many as the biggest streamer in the world, and the first streamer that broke the barrier for others streamers in terms of pay.

It came out a few years ago that Ninja became the first streamer ever to make 8 figures annually. Ninja broke the streaming community a few years ago when we was racking up an average of 36,000 viewers per twitch stream, something we’ve never seen before.

Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer in the first big shot of ...
Photo Edit: GamesBeat

He’s now averaging only 12,000 views per stream, but that’s not to say he’s not making more money.


Tyler never released how much he was paid by Microsoft and nor did they, however, CNN was given some inside information a while ago by a management executive. He says the only money that would’ve been worth leaving Twitch would have been anywhere from $20 to $30 million dollars per year.

Owner of E-Sports marketing agency Ader, Justin Warden said he had first hand, inside scoop on the deal. He told CNN that he had direct knowledge of the deal however never released the details, he strictly kept it at the known number.

Now that Mixer has officially shut down due to Microsoft’s Facebook deal, we now await to see what the streaming sensation will do next.

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