The NBA Will Allow Players to Change Jersey Names with Social Justice Slogan of Their Choice


The NBA and NBPA have decided to allow players to replace their last names with a social justice slogan of their choosing per Shams Charania.

The NBPA sent the players its initial details on the plan tonight. The NBA and NBPA will we working side by side in order to continue to discuss plans to allow players to spread awareness about social justice issues and is working with with Nike to continue to figure out plans moving forward.

Nike is no stranger to working side by side with athletes in order to spread information about social justice. As many know, Colin Kaepernick is one of Nike’s Athletes. Kaepernick took a kneel during the national anthem during 2016 in order to stand against police brutality.

 Colin Kaepernick / Nike

With the NBA, NBPA, and Nike working side by side, they will continue to create more plans to spread awareness about social justice and you expect more information about the plans soon.

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