Non “Orlando Bubble” NBA Teams Pushing for a Second Bubble to Train and Play Televised Games


The NBA and NBPA have been working discussing a possible second site for the 8 non-bubble teams to play games and train in. There are 6 non-bubble teams from the Eastern Conference and 2 from the Western Conference.

The 8 teams that would participate in this other site are supportive of this idea per Sam Amick

The teams would likely train together in joint practices and possibly even play games. These games would be likely be televised. The Cavilers, Pistons and Hawks have been the most supportive of this idea.


Steve Kerr has also voiced his his favor for the idea of having teams training together. Kerr said “we all need the work” when asked if he wants his stars to participate if there was a second site.

The site would likely be in Las Vegas or Houston, but any team could likely host it.

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