Famous Streamer “Dr. Disrespect” Banned from Twitch


Famous Twitch Streamer “Dr. Disrespect” has been banned from the platform. The reason for the ban has not been revealed publicly. The ban is a permanent ban and Dr. Disrespect has not released an official statement as of now.

Twitch put out a statement regarding the ban, but it does not reveal much.

Dr. Disrespect has had problems in the past. Dr. Disrespect had been banned for streaming inside of a bathroom at the E3 event, but that ban was only temporary.


A clip was shared of Dr. Disrespect final minutes of his last stream. Dr. Disrespect’s mood becomes very dark saying “we will get through this”. At this point it is likely this is when he found out he got banned.

Twitch has also refunded all of Dr. Disrespect’s subscribers. This does not happen very often. The only times I can only recall of this happening are when Ninja and Shroud left Twitch in order to join Mixer’s platform.

Another streamer, ShannonZKiller, explained that the matter is “serious”, but she “cannot say” any more.

“From my own sources: Doc is indeed done, and not just on Twitch. I know why and cannot say. But this is serious” June 26 2020

If what Shannon is saying is true, Dr. Disrespect’s streaming career, at least on Twitch, is over.

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