On March 11th,2020 the Sports World stopped. Thunder fans eager to watch their team face off against the Utah Jazz received unfortunate news as the tip-off was delayed and later postponed; the reasoning for this was the fact that multiple members of the opposing team had tested positive for the Covid-19 Virus. When the news broke of Gobert and Mitchells contracting of the virus games slated for after this western conference rivalry; such as the Kings vs Pelicans game were also canceled. NBA fans puzzled then were met with every person’s biggest horror, the season had been suspended until further notice. Over the course of 3 anxiety-filled months we have received more and more news including a target return date of July 30th in Orlando, Florida. It has also been revealed that 22 teams will be making the trip to Orlando. On this fateful day, the basketball gods have bestowed upon us the schedule for the remaining 8 games of the regular season.

On the Opening night, the battle of LA takes center stage at 9 PM Eastern Time. On July 31st the Orlando Magic will take on the Brooklyn Nets at 2:30 PM. The Memphis Grizzlies will take on the Portland Trailblazers at 4 PM. The Phoenix Suns will take on the Washington Wizards at 4 PM as well. The Boston Celtics will play the Milwaukee Bucks in what should be a battle between 2 of the biggest contenders in the Eastern Conference at 6:30. The Sacramento Kings will be Playing the Spurs in what will be a game between to completely different franchises. while the spurs will be looking to keep their postseason streak that extends back to the days of a rookie Tim Duncan. The Kings will be looking to make their first playoff appearance since Mike Bibby, Ron Artest and Kevin Martin ran the town. For the rest of the games please see the graphics at the bottom of the Article.

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