23 January 2021



Luka Doncic reportedly out of shape

As the NBA restart date of July 30th rapidly approaches players have to ensure that they are in peak physical condition. One player that may be struggling to maintain NBA shape according to recent reports is, budding NBA superstar, Luka Doncic.

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Luka lifts the Mavericks past the Lakers, SPIN

Luka is currently embarking on a historic sophomore season in the NBA. After winning rookie of the year in 2018-19 Luka has elevated his game to MVP contender. Doncic has carried the offensive load for the Dallas Mavericks and currently has them leading the NBA in offensive rating. He is currently sat in the fifth position in Basketball References NBA MVP Award Tracker, averaging 29/9/9 whilst being top four in offensive box plus/minus, player efficiency rating (PER) and Usage percentage.

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Luka is the second youngest player to have a triple-double, Spainsnews.com

Initial reports from Luka’s trainer suggested that the European star was significantly out-of-shape. However, more recent reports have stated that he is in shape but not NBA shape. The change in statement is due to Doncic’s Slovenian trainer, Jure Drakslar, having a quote mistranslated. He has since released a ‘clear up’ message: “The interview was made for Russian media. Originally my sentence in the interview was, “Luka is not in top game shape yet” and “game” is the word that was missed out here during translation of some international media. It’s impossible right now to be in top fame shape because there are no games and there is no difference with all the NBA players at this moment. Luka is actually in a very good physical shape, he is practicing hard every day, having strength and conditioning workouts, basketball practice including 5-on-5 and strictly taking care of his diet. There was a misinterpretation or the poor translation of the international media. I guess using google translator is not the best way to go”


With the hopes of the Mavericks placed firmly on his young shoulders, the Dallas fans are hoping that the original report was indeed lost in translation. With less than 2 months until the first games in Orlando, in all likelihood, we will have to wait until the regular season restarts to have the questioning of his fitness answered.

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