USC Expected to end dissociation with Reggie Bush


USC is expected to end its decade-old dissociation with running back Reggie Bush. Bush was found to have received gifts in 2010 from sports agent Lloyd Lake which resulted in him being banned from USC and having his 2005 Heisman trophy stripped from him.

This comes as the NCAA adopted an Infraction rule in 2017 that puts a limit on any mandated dissociation between an individual and school for no more than 10 years. Once that 10 years is up the NCAA will no longer enforce the dissociation and will give the schools the freedom to decide what’s next. Bush wasn’t the only player found accepting gifts, as it was a whole scandal that resulted in a two-year postseason ban, 14 vacated wins, and the loss of 30 scholarships. 

Lake made an effort to sue Bush and his family in hopes of regaining the money back which was a total of $291,600 in 2007. One of the gifts to Bush included a limousine ride to his 2005 Heisman Trophy presentation.


Bush became the first Heisman winner to ever forfeit the trophy as result of the scandal and was not welcomed on campus and was not allowed to be involved with anything USC related. Recording 1,740 rushing yards on 200 carries, 16 rushing touchdowns, and 478 receiving yards Bush was a huge part in USC going 12-1(12 game win streak lost last game by 3 points) in 2005.

Could we see a reunion between Bush and the Heisman trophy in the upcoming weeks?


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