Dinwiddie Buys Home in San Antonio

Photo by The Associated Press

Brooklyn Nets point guard, Spencer Dinwiddie has recently bought a home in the San Antonio area. Dinwiddie is expected to enter free agency and most likely leave the Brooklyn Nets, but is San Antonio his next destination? Dinwiddie is a favorite for Nets fans but he allegedly feels like he deserves to be a starter in the NBA and not in the shadow of Kyrie Irving, so it is likely he will leave Brooklyn.

It is possible that the guard signs with the Spurs this off season just off the sole fact that he bought a house in Texas, but his girlfriend Arielle Roberson grew up in San Antonio so this could just mean that they wanted to move closer to her home town. Dinwiddie has not given any sort of comment about him entering free agency since the failed fundraiser he started. The fundraiser needed to reach about $24,632,630 in order for the fans to pick the team he signs with this off season but it only ended up funding about $1,150 on GoFundMe.com

Spencer Dinwiddie is averaging 20.6 points per game, and 6.8 assists this season which are near all-star numbers and many teams will target him come free agency but before then, he will continue play for the Nets this July when the NBA returns for its 22 team format taking place in Orlando.



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