Performance-Enhancing Drug Testing to Be Conducted During Resumed NBA Season

Ever since the days of Mark McGuire, there has always been suspicion about athletes using drugs to improve their athleticism in sports.

This year alone, players like DeAndre Ayton and John Collins both got suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs for the NBA season.

The NBA has especially cracked down on them since testing players like Danny Green and Javale Mcgee despite minimal suspicion from either of them.


With the end of the NBA season and the NBA playoffs set to start on July 31st, the NBA is going to be cracking down on all players.

With the extra quarantine time everyone has had, it’s likely they’ve used this time to bulk up and practice whenever they can. With every player being slightly stronger, though, it’s unclear if everyone will be bulking the right way.

The NBA having these tests constantly will be an effective way to prevent anyone from getting away with illegal help.

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