Michael Jordan was “Black Jesus” to LeBron James


LeBron James is without a doubt one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball, and to some is the greatest to ever step on the court.

However, we all know Michael Jordan came first, and LeBron truly looked up to him as a young kid. James first met Jordan while still at St.Vincent-St.Mary at the age of only 16 years old. This was a very special year for “The Chosen 1” as he was first put on the cover of Sports Illustrated this year as well (2001).

While on “INTERRUPTED”, LeBron James was quoted saying “When I met Michael Jordan for the first time, I literally couldn’t believe it was him. I couldn’t believe it. The dude looked like Jesus Christ”

LeBron James pays heartfelt tribute to Michael Jordan after ...
David Liam Kyle | Getty Images

In an ESPN interview a couple of years back, LeBron James said “It was godly. It was honestly like meeting god for the first time”. LeBron couldn’t stress how much of an honor it was to meet the NBA legend, and how much it truly meant to him.

“It was like meeting Black Jesus”

Now, James is in his 17th season in the league and has broken and surpassed many of his Idol’s numbers and records. They are now both considered by many the two best players to ever play the game, and the debate may go on for the rest of existence.

“I didn’t think Michael Jordan was real. I only thought he lived on TV, either in games, or commercials, or ‘Come Fly With Me’ on cassette tapes”

“When he got out of his car, it looked like he was just floating. It was literally black Jesus in the flesh”


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