Jameis Winston: Still a franchise quarterback?


Jameis Winston is still one of the most entertaining players to watch in the NFL. He led the league in passing yards with an outstanding 5,109 and a more impressive 33 touchdowns. Even though the numbers are great, sometimes the decision making is not the best, as he led the league in interceptions with 30 interceptions. While some of the throws he made were not bad at all, a portion of them were just simple carelessness. As he embarks on his journey to the Big Easy, Winston can be the heir to the throne for when Drew Brees retires.

More Discipline

Although Jameis has all the potential in the world to be great, sometimes the throws and decisions he makes come from a lack of discipline. When he gets to New Orleans, he will have one of the best coaches in the game teaching him about discipline. Sean Payton is a well respected coach and a great teacher to young players.

Many of the young stars like Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas and have been transformed from good to great under the leadership of Payton. Thomas led the league in receptions in the 2019 season with 149 and broke the previous record set by Marvin Harrison. Harrison had 143 total receptions respectively. Alvin Kamara has made the Pro Bowl 3 times under the guidance of Payton. Also, Payton also hasn’t forced any bad looks on offense since he joined the team, which led Drew Brees and the Saints winning a Super Bowl because of it.


Unfortunately, Jameis Winston does not seem to have that discipline yet and just wants to chuck the ball all the way downfield. 33 touchdowns is certainly incredible but 30 interceptions does not seem too flattering. With Sean Payton helping Winston develop patience and discipline when throwing the ball, he can become the next man up for when Drew Brees retires.


Via Bleacher Report

Ever since entering the league in 2015 as the first overall pick, Winston has always been the starter from day one. This comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Winston showed the ability to throw the deep ball since his days at Florida State and put points up on the board out of nowhere. However, decision making comes at the expense. Winston has been known to not make the simple play and try to go for the big yards.

A guy who can throw the deep ball and make smart decisions is Drew Brees. Brees is the number one quarterback of all time in passing yards with 77,416. Not only that, but he has won a Super Bowl and knows how to play smart and win. Brees has only thrown over 15 interceptions six times in his illustrious almost 20 year career. Every season, he seems to get better and better with age and seems to lead the Saints to the playoffs due to his IQ and his arm.

Jameis Winston has not had an elite quarterback to learn and be mentored by his entire career. Ever since day one, he has gotten the chance to start which is great for a number one pick but has had its disadvantages during his interesting yet promising career. As Winston will get to sit behind one of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation and of all time, he will be able to learn about how he can elevate his game to be the next man up for the foreseeable future for the New Orleans Saints.

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