Dwight Howard Mourning Loss of his Son’s Mother

Lakers’ Center Dwight Howard was struck with the tragic news that the mother of his six-year-old son had passed away.

Howard had been using the break from the constant NBA grind to build relationships with his five kids, all under the age of 12. 

David’s mother, Melissa Rios, was only 31 when she dies of an epileptic seizure. Howard had actually been attempting to reach Rose to invite her to spend quarantine with him and her son when he got the news.

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Dwight Howard had attended Rios’s funeral. “I did attend the funeral. There was no way I could not be there for my son, and even for her family. I definitely would have felt like that would have been bad, because she deserves and he would deserve better if I didn’t do that.”

Although Dwight Howard is as anxious as anyone to get back to the season he says that this time off is a great way for him to connect with David and his other kids. “It’s bitter-sweet because I do want to play basketball, but my son needs me more than anything right now.”

Howard himself was coming off an incredible comeback season that saw him averaging 7.5 points and 7.4 rebounds off the bench on 73.2% shooting. He is a dark-horse Sixth Man of the Year candidate for the season.

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On the Lakers, Howard is hoping to get the first ring of his Hall-of-Fame-caliber career.

The NBA Season is slowly inching back as many teams, including the Lakers, have re-opened their practice facilities for voluntary, socially-distanced workouts. Dwight Howard, however, plans to stay at home with his kids “until everything is cleared up.”

Howard has been staying in shape at his home as he owns both a basketball court and a gym. Howard will be ready when the season comes back even if he misses a few workouts with the team.

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