Kendrick Perkins Explains 2018 Finals Incident.

The 2018 finals wasn’t as thrilling as you would’ve expected, considering the Cavs got swept. In fact, the only takeaway was a meme about JR Smith and LeBron James. However, a little sideline argument broke out between Kendrick Perkins and Stephen Curry, and Kendrick Perkins finally sheds some light on it.


Kendrick Perkins went on an ESPN hoop stream video and said the following: “I don’t know what I did wrong. I didn’t move. I didn’t do nothing. I’m sitting down, chilling, minding my business. He said I tried to trip him.”

Photo via

Is it possible that Kendrick Perkins did this on purpose but doesn’t want to admit it? He further explains, “I go to extreme measures to try to win, but I would never try to take anyone out.”


We may have to take Perkins’s word for this situation, but one thing is clear: Steph Curry was truly pumped up enough to scorch the Cavs with 33 points (nine 3-pointers made.)

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