Top Three Candidates To Win MVP


The MVP Award is the closest thing to winning a Superbowl for a NFL player as it recognizes a player for being the best overall player throughout that particular season in the NFL.

 Before the season starts many projections for the winner of the award are superstar quarterbacks mainly because that’s who wins it and sometimes you’re an occasional superstar wideout. Heading into the 2020 season the reigning MVP is quarterback Lamar Jackson after having one of the craziest seasons we have seen by a QB in a while. Nobody expected Lamar Jackson to win the MVP after considering questions surrounding if he could even be a starter in the league as many experts said he could only run. The MVP season Lamar Jackson had is often the best because nobody expected him to win it or even come close to being an MVP. With that being said here are three players who can be the NFL MVP for the 2020 season.

#3 QB Russell Wilson

SEATTLE, WA – AUGUST 08: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks stands on the sidelines during the NFL game against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field on August 8, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Dougal Brownlie/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson once again is a favorite to win the MVP not only by Seattle Seahawks fans but by many experts as he has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the league since being drafted. Wilson had one of the best seasons of his career recording 4,110 passing yards while having a 66.1% completion percentage, throwing for 31 touchdowns, rushing for 3 touchdowns, and throwing 5 interceptions. Wilson was ranked fourth for passing attempts, sixth for the most passing yards, third for the most touchdowns thrown, and one of the best completion percentages by a quarterback. Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to a record of 11-5 their best record since 2016 and gave Seattle the opportunity to another Superbowl making it to the NFC Divisional round.

It has been amazing to see what Wilson has done these past years as he has had one of the worst offensive lines in the league for most of his career as he is sacked an average of 43 times each year. To deal with the bad protection Wilson has developed into one of the best at extending the play with the help of being one of the best running QB in the league. Wilson will enter the 2020 season with a slightly better defense as they took linebacker Jordyn Brooks with their first-round pick and have added some solid depth to their defense but are still missing that star pass rusher. The bad thing for Wilson is he will be dealing with another season of having little to no protection with no big additions to Seattle’s o-line in the offseason. The odds for Wilson winning MVP will be against him as he has received zero career MVP votes despite his impressive play in past seasons besides that things could change with an impressive 2020 season.

#2 QB Lamar Jackson

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson is entering the 2020 season as the reigning MVP after having a phenomenal regular-season becoming just the second player to be voted unanimously and second youngest to win. Jackson proved everyone wrong as he showed he is well capable of being a franchise quarterback recording 3,127 passing yards on 66.1% completion percentage and 36 touchdowns. Where Jackson impressed was his rushing ability rushing for 1,206 yards and 7 touchdowns breaking Michael Vick’s record for most rushing yards in a single season. Jackson has a high chance of winning another MVP as the Ravens have the easiest schedule based on opponents’ last seasons’ win percentage. With that could we see a season where he is more explosive than last season by Jackson this season and he still has a top tier offense.

Jackson Baltimore offense is still one of the best in the league as they retained most of their free agents along with adding more firepower in drafting running back  J.K Dobbins. The odds may be against Jackson to win two consecutive MVP’s as the last person to do that was Peyton Manning in the 2008-9 season but there have been 6 players to win back-to-back MVP’s. If Jackson could replicate what he did last season during the regular season he will automatically become a front runner just because we haven’t seen a QB of his caliber since Michael Vick. There may be little for Jackson to work on as he was basically unstoppable as he was a pick your poison type of player either he beats by running or passing. Although Jackson will be without the anchor of his offensive line as guard Marshall Yanda retired this off-season but this shouldn’t be much of a problem for Jackson as he is a mobile quarterback. Jackson will have another chip on his shoulder as many experts will doubt him since he failed to win a playoff game which is dangerous for the league as he was out to prove people wrong in the 2019 season and look at what he did during the regular season.

#1 QB Patrick Mahomes

AP Photo-Patrick Semansky

Patrick Mahomes had one of the best seasons any quarterback could have by winning the Kansas City Chiefs their first Super Bowl in 50 years along with becoming the Superbowl MVP. Mahomes did something not many athletes can say they have done and that’s beating the “Madden Curse” recording 4,031 passing yards on a 65.9% completion percentage, throwing 26 touchdowns, rushing for 3 touchdowns, and throwing 5 interceptions. Mahomes has become one of the brightest stars in the NFL after just becoming a starter for two seasons winning an MVP in his first year as a starter and a Superbowl in his second season. Mahomes was brought into a Kansas City Chiefs team that had all the pieces except for an elite quarterback completing the pieces to the Chief’s quest at a Superbowl.

Mahomes has the golden opportunity as he is surrounded by one of the best offenses in the league crowning themselves the “Legion of Zoom” as they have incredible speed from many players. Mahomes has a top-5 tight end in Travis Kelce and a speed-demon receiver who can’t be stopped by anybody on defense in Tyreek Hill along with a solid receiving core and newly added first-round pick running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. The Chiefs are also coming into the 2020 season as reigning champs which will give them even more motivation to go out and win and most importantly Mahomes will have the same exact offense as last year’s team with even more help. Mahomes could have possibly won another MVP last season if it wasn’t for Lamar Jackson and his spectacular season that overshadowed everyone else’s good season. knows what it takes to win an MVP which will give him a boost in the MVP race against other candidates for the MVP. With five prime-time games in 2020 expect Mahomes to deliver during some of the most anticipated matchups as he will likely showcase why he is a frontrunner for MVP.

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