Classic Game Reviews: Michael Jordan Career High 69 Points.

On March 28th 1990, the Chicago Bulls were in Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers.

Mark Price was a starter for the Cavs, he shot 6-14 from the field, 2-7 from 3 and 17-20 from the line. He dished out 8 assists and got 2 boards as well as 31 points. Brad Daugherty played 45 minutes, shot 2-9 from the field and 6-8 from the free throw line. He scored 10 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, got 2 assists as well as 2 steals and 2 blocks. Craig Ehlo shot 10-23 from the field, 3-7 from beyond the arc and 3-5 from the line to score 26 points. Hot Rod Williams came off the bench for the Cavaliers and scored 23 points in 8-12 shooting from the field.

Scottie Pippen shot 3-10 from the field and 1-2 from the line, scoring 7 points, he grabbed 8 rebounds, dished out 7 assists and got 5 steals. Horace Grant shot 50% from the field and 50% from the line, he grabbed 5 rebounds, dished out 4 assists, got 1 steal and 1 block. He scored 16 points while playing 40 minutes. Bill Cartwright played for 39 minutes, he shot 3-7 from the field and 3-4 from the free throw line. He scored 9 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and got 1 assist.


Michael Jordan was the star of the show as he played 50 minutes for the Chicago Bulls. He shot the ball 37 times from the field and scored 23 times, which is 62.2%, he shot 2-6 from 3-point range. He shot 23 free throws and make 91.3% of his shots from the line with 21. He scored a career high 69 points, grabbed 11 defensive rebounds, 7 offensive rebounds, dished out 6 assists, stole the ball 4 times and got 1 block.

Nathaniel S. Butler/ NBAE via Getty Images.

In the end, the Chicago Bulls took the win after going to overtime and outscoring the Cavaliers 12-8 in that overtime period. The final score was 117-113 to the Bulls.

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