Lavar Ball carried all three of his sons out of a gym when their lives were put in danger


LaVar Ball once saved Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball and Liangelo Ball from what could have been deadly..

In a documentary published by national sports media outlet Bleacher Report titled “The life of Lamelo”, Lavar Ball (father of Lamelo) told some pretty interesting stories about not only Lamelo’s life behind the scenes, but some stories about the boys childhood, and early stages of their life.

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He told various stories about Lamelo’s life along with Liangelo while living in Lithuania, and their days back at chino hills, when Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball and Liangelo Ball all played together, but none quite as intriguing or breathtaking as this one.


Lavar said:

“LaMelo remembers one afternoon in a gym in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles when he was four. He remembers shooting off to the side with Lavar while Lonzo and Gelo were playing pickup with grown men. Someone fouled hard, and a verbal altercation broke out. “All right! All right! I’mma be back!” One man threatened. “He did come back. He slid through the back door with a black hoodie on, carrying a gun. “Shot the whole Gym up” said LaMelo.

“He remembers in a split second how his feet dangled in the air, his tiny body sheltered by his father’s stomach. Lavar had scooped him, Lonzo, and gelo up in his arms, somehow carrying all three while running. running so hard, out of the gym”

Stories like this prove many theories of exploiting his children, and profiting off his children’s skills wrong, but rather show how much he really loves his kids and what he would do for them.

Many have criticized LaVar Ball for pushing his children too hard, or exploiting them and using their talents to benefit and profit himself however, many of these stories have proven otherwise.

LaVar Ball wants nothing but the best for his Kids. He even created his own Basketball League. The league he created was purposely to help younger athletes to play basketball at a high level while getting paid. At one point LaVar Ball even created his own Water Bottle.

LaVar would love to see all of his kids in the NBA and on the same team..But so far only Lonzo Ball plays in it.[NBA] Liangelo Ball has himself a couple of mountains to climb before joining an NBA team. If you are wondering where is Liangelo Ball… He is practicing with the
Oklahoma City Blue G-League team.

LaVar Ball's motives for his sons are now questionable
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Lonzo Ball, current starting Point Guard for the New Orleans Pelicans averaged 12.4 points, 7.0 assists, and 6.2 rebounds this past season while helping establish the Pelicans as a legit playoff contender. The middle brother, Liangelo, is currently on the Oklahoma City Blue roster looking to work his way up into the NBA, and the youngest brother, Lamelo, is looked at by many as the most talented player in the 2020 NBA draft class, and looks to be the #1 pick in this year’s draft.

It’s safe to say that all LaVar wanted was for his boys to be happy, and do what they love, and it is safe to say after all those years of strict parenting, it is paying off.



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