Top 3 Most Clutch Moments in NBA History


There is good players. There is great players. There are all stars. Then, there is clutch players. Clutch moments are what define a career. Clutch moments are what separate great players and legendary players.

1. Kyrie’s Game 7 Shot

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Most clutch shot in NBA history. No doubt. Cavs are tied at 89 with the warriors with a little under a minute left, and Irving cooks Curry to drain the 3 over him. By doing so, the Cavs were able to comeback from down 3-1 and win their first franchise title. Definitely Kyrie’s career defining moment.


2. Ray Allen Sends Game 6 to Overtime

Photo by Jesse Garrabrant/Getty Images

Another career defining moment right here. Heat were already down 3-2 in the series, and down 3 with the clock ticking, Ray hits a rushed corner 3 to force overtime, where the Heat would pull away with the win and force a game 7, which they also won to secure the championship.

3. “The Shot”

Photo by Eddie Wagner/Chicago Tribune

This shot is called “The Shot” for a reason. Yes it may be a series winner in the first round, but this shot really showed us that Jordan was capable of leading the Bulls franchise to a championship (which he did two years after hitting this shot).

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