Warriors Prepared To Get Giannis.


After a Warriors Vs Bucks game earlier in the season and Curry leaving Giannis a note in the locker room, there was a lot of speculation from fans of the NBA about Giannis signing with the Warriors in 2021 free agency.

Antetokounmpo has said before that if the Bucks don’t win anything notable before his contract expires then he plans to test free agency.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Warriors have been prepared for years to try and get Giannis either by signing him in free agency or through a trade with the Bucks.


If Giannis did end up on the Warriors, they would most likely move, or already have moved, Draymond Green so Giannis would serve as a replacement for Green. However Giannis would have a bigger role on the Warriors then Green ever has.

If he ends up on the Warriors, he could potentially help the team get back to a super team status after losing Kevin Durant in the offseason.


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