Is Lynn Bowden Jr. The Next Taysom Hill?

Heading into the 2020 draft there were many players that people would consider as a versatile player meaning they can play many positions and do them well. Of course, the most notorious and versatile player that comes to mind is Isaiah Simmons as he showcased his versatility all year at Clemson. 

The versatility Simmons brings to a team is what brought him into the discussion for being the best defensive player in the draft and to some the best player in the draft. Simmons could do it all as he could play cornerback, safety and linebacker anywhere LSU needed him he would play at a high-level. After Simmons, some players that come to mind are players like Tanner Muse who could play safety and linebacker with his impressive speed at his size. Muse can play both positions at a solid level and would be considered a starter on certain teams. K’lavon Chaisson could also be thrown into the conversation as a versatile player as he can line up at linebacker as well as defensive end although he finds more success in being an edge rusher but could still play as a solid linebacker if needed to.


A player that seemed to be forgotten or not talked enough about is Lynn Bowden Jr. who was the most versatile offensive player in the 2020 draft. Many analysts have named Bowden the “Isaiah Simmons” of offense as he could do it all just like Simmons and just as good in each position. Bowden officially entered the draft as a running back as he was selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the 3rd-round and was announced as a running back but he is far more than just a running back. Bowden played as a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, kick return, and punt return during his three years at Kentucky giving off a Taysom Hill type of vibe as he heads off to play in Las Vegas.


During Bowden’s Kentucky career he recorded a total of 1,530 rushing yards, 1,303 receiving yards, 495 passing yards, 1,628 kickoff return yards, and 199 punt return yards. Although Bowden did only have 495 passing yards he did throw for 75% completion percentage his freshman year but declined in his junior year as he had a completion percentage of 47.3%. The Raiders snatched up Bowden who will make a huge impact on a team that needs receivers and could use a dangerous threat like him on the field. His multi-threat presence will be felt by both the Raiders offense and the opposing teams’ defense as they will now habe to keep an eye out for him and speed demon Henry Ruggs III.

“Lynn Bowden we announced as a running back,” said Raider general manager Mike Mayock over conference call following the end of the third round. “Ultimately he’ll probably be what we call a ‘Joker’ which I love in Jon’s offense. Somebody that’s able to do multiple jobs. But day one he’s going to come in and be a running back.”


With Mayock saying those comments could we be seeing the next version of Taysom Hill in the making? With Bowden on the field and with head coach Jon Gruden’s high football IQ, we should be prepared for some high-quality fun trick plays throughout the season. Imagine playing the Raiders and having to worry about Ruggs who is a problem just by himself with his deep threat ability then you see Bowden who at any time could pass the ball, run it, or even go for a quick slant then you see Marcus Mariota on the field who is well capable of throwing the ball. The Raiders could potentially have plays where there are three quarterbacks who can throw the ball well on the field all at once expect Las Vegas to have a lot of fun with Bowden this year.

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