The All-Time Dunk Contest [YOU VOTE]


Throughout NBA history, there have been some of the most athletic high-flyers the world has ever seen. So many players from so many different eras of basketball have shown off their talents with verticals that are borderline inhuman. Four players in particular exceeded everyone else with their incredible dunks. Here are the four candidates for the all-time dunk contest:

1. Michael Jordan

Photo by Alan Mothner

People refer to Michael Jordan as “his Airness” for a reason. In 1988, Michael Jordan and Dominque Wilkins battled out at the dunk contest. Michael Jordan secured the win by throwing down his iconic free throw line dunk with his tongue sticking out.


2. Vince Carter

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

In 1998, the NBA decided to cancel dunk contests due to the lack of interest. However, in 2000, that changed because of one man: Vince Carter. Carter opened the dunk contest by throwing down a 360 windmill, and ended up winning the dunk contest. If is wasn’t for Vinsanity, none of us would have seen a dunk contest ever again.

3. Dwight Howard

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Super man is in the building! (I hope Chuck’s voice said this in your head). In 2008, Dwight Howard won the slam dunk contest. In this contest, Howard threw down a dunk with a Superman cape on to secure the win. Although many argue if this move was a dunk or not, Dwight is still a very talented dunker, and has great athleticism around the rim.

4. Aaron Gordon

Photo by Fernando Medina/Getty Images

Feel free to give this man a nine!

Although Aaron Gordon has never won a dunk contest, he’s shown us very impressive performances. For instance, dunking over the Orlando Magic mascot, and dunking over Tacko Fall! In the 2020 dunk contest, Gordon put together a string of dunks that got a lot of 50s, however his dunk over Tacko Fall only resulted with a score of 47, which cost him the dunk contest title. Despite the losses, Gordon has shown us he can get super creative with his dunks.

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