Myles Turner donates 50k to Texas Health Group for COVID-19 relief


Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner donated approximately $50,000 to Texas Health Group for the COVID-19 relief. Turner was a former 5 star recruit in high school and named to the McDonald’s All-American team. He went onto play at Texas University for a one and done season before making the move to the NBA. He was eventually picked by the Indiana Pacers 11th overall in 2015.

Turner survived a battle with COVID-19 earlier this month but then he got some bad news. Turner’s father got struck with the virus. This news devastated Myles and he wanted to do something to help. Once his father was treated, he began recovering very nicely. Turner ended up giving 50k to support the doctors and nurses during this crucial time.

Myles has been in his home state of Texas since the NBA was placed on hiatus on March 11th when the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz had their game cancelled in which Rudy Gobert then tested positive for the coronavirus. This news is especially great to hear amid the widespread panic that is being caused by COVID-19.


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