Buccaneers: Super Bowl winners or a big flop

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a historic offseason for the ages. They signed one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time; Tom Brady to pair with the bone of the best wide receiver duos in the league. Not only that, former star tight end Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to join the Tom Brady with the superstar offensive core. Everything could be set up to be a huge success, or a huge failure.

Perfect Fit

Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin offers Tom Brady #12 jersey
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When Tom Brady was in New England, the fit seemed perfect. Tom Brady had one of the greatest coaches of all time in Bill Belichick. The two were an iconic dynamic, that went on to win 6 Super Bowls together. Even though Belichick is a phenominal coach, Brady has never played with an offensive mind like Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers head coach.

Arians has had a reputation of taking former star quarterbacks and making them excel in their role. Most famously, he took Carson Palmer and rejuvenated his career, and went to a pro bowl at age 36. Arians led the Cardinals to a 13-3 record with an appearance in the NFC championship. Even though they lost the game, the magic that Arians showed with an older quarterback is beyond impressive.


Not only will the coaching allow Brady to thrive, his teammates are some of the best he has played with in years. Gronkowski came out of retirement and went to the sunshine state to join his former running mate. Gronk and Brady have chemistry that goes all the way back to their New England days. The chemistry should translate over beautifully and give Brady some room to operate and get comfortable in this system. Also, his new wide receiver duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin is a terrific one to say the least. Both receivers had over 1,000 receiving yards respectively. Godwin finished 3rd in receiving yards with 1,333 and teammate Mike Evans finished 13th with 1,157 receiving yards while only playing 13 games. The lethal duo can open up the field for Brady, and will allow the offense to achieve. Brady can succeed because of the teammates around him and the coaching system allowing him to thrive.

Tampa Bay to Leaving the Bay

Tom Brady officially signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – ABC6
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Sometimes, the idea of a super stacked team is better than the finished result. This situation can reply to the newly built Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa did land 6 time super bowl champion, Brady, but there might be one problem with the team that could lead to a downfall. Brady is 42 years old and will be the oldest quarterback starting in the league. Though age might not be a factor for some, it will be for Brady. In past years, he has not been able to move as quickly as he used to inside of the pocket. This could open up the possibilities of injuries that could potentially end his career.

Not only that, but his arm strength has raised some questions. Mainly because of the offense Bruce Arians runs as well as his two main receiving targets. Arians run a very high powered, run and gun style of offense initiated by airing the ball down the field. Brady has had a very good arm over the course of his career, but his arm hasn’t made anyone WOW.

Arians coaches this style, but his two playmakers, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans play for the deep ball. Mike Evans is more of the deep ball threat which allowed him to rack up 5 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons since entering the league. Godwin has seen his numbers go up over the years. Godwin ranked #4 in yards per target 11.2 and a catch rate of 72.3% which ranked 6th in the league. With a deep thrower like Jameis Winston out of the bay, Tom Brady will definitely need to air the pigskin down the field to maximize the potential of his elite receiving duo; as well as maximizing the potential of the team overall.

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