The future of the New England Patriots: Jarrett Stidham

Heading into NFL Draft weekend, analysts, coaches, players, and fans almost guaranteed the New England Patriots selecting a QB. Despite all the rumors rambling about, Head Coach and GM Bill Belichick neglected the quarterback position. Why? For the robust belief in second-year gunslinger, Jarrett Stidham. 

The Auburn alum, Stidham, had an entire year behind the greatest quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady. That doesn’t mean he’s automatically the second coming of TB12, but it’s definitely a booster for anyone to learn behind someone of Brady’s caliber. Players and staff have also reportedly come out and said with confidence, Stidham can be the future.

 In an interview on “First Things First” Former Patriot tight end, Benjamin Watson called Stidham “a student of the game”, following that up by saying “When we are in the meeting rooms – he’s paying attention. when they are in the quarterback room – he’s paying attention. When he’s on the field – he’s taking instruction from the coaches…” 


During the 2019 pre-season, Stidham showed early flashes of talent. In four games, he tossed 4 touchdowns, while completing 67.8% of 90 pass attempts, rounding off an impressive start to his young career. While Stidham didn’t play any meaningful snaps in the 2019-2020 Patriots crusade, he was still able to sling the football in three blowout games; twice against the New York Jets, and once against the Washington Redskins. There isn’t much to rave about, only throwing four total passes; capitalizing on 2-4 passes, for 14 yards, and threw a pick. It’s nothing to knock, considering it was his first real professional action.

Next season, he’ll come out to compete for the starting job against Brian Hoyer; which he coincidently beat out for the back-up job last season. The former 4th round pick is favorited to win the starting job – Bellichick was accounted for saying, “Jarrett had a good year last year. He improved a lot. We’ll see where that takes him.”

The last time Belichick trusted a young quarterback, I’d say it worked out pretty well…  “Patriots coach Bill Belichick reaffirmed his decision to stick with a less-experienced quarterback named Tom Brady over a more-experienced veteran named Drew Bledsoe. Belichick’s basic conviction was that Brady, at this time, gives New England its best possible chance to win games.” We’ll see what happens this time.

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