Paul Goldschmidt: An underrated career


Paul Goldschmidt has had a very underrated career to say the least. He has won numerous awards and has been the epitome of consistency during his 9 years in the MLB. Today, let’s take a closer look on his accolades and his production during his time with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Paul Goldschmidt Traded to Cardinals for Luke Weaver, Carson Kelly ...
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Goldschmidt was drafted by Arizona in the 8th round of the 2009 MLB draft. Goldschmidt looked like a very promising choice for the desert as his minor league stats showed. He had a batting average of .317, 83 home runs and 263 RBI (Runs Batted In) during his 3 years with the Minor League. In 2011, Paul got the call to move on up to the big leagues. He finished his 2011 season in the majors and played in 48 games and posted a .250 batting average. Even though the numbers didn’t indicate how much talent the rookie had, the sky was the limit for the young man from Woodlands, Texas. His second season, the production went up by a big chunk. Goldy played in 145 games and posted a batting average of .286, 20 HR and 86 RBIs on the year. After this season, many people around the league started to take notice.

The next season was when the league was put on high alert. In his 3rd season, Goldschmidt appeared in his first all-star game and posted insane numbers of a .302 BA, 36 HR and 125 RBI. These numbers unfortunately did not win him an MVP, but he came in 2nd place to Andrew McCutchen in the 2013 season. In his next 5 seasons, Goldschmidt would make the all-star game consecutively and win 3 gold glove awards, as well as 4 silver slugger awards at his position. After this season, the production continued to surge. In the 2015 season, Goldy came so close again to grabbing the MVP award. Bryce Harper ultimately won the award but Paul certainly had his case made. He posted numbers of .321 BA, 33 HR and 110 RBI.His stats with the Diamondbacks during his 8 year career with the Diamondbacks were a .297 BA with 26 HR and 89 RBI. Goldy has had a very underrated career when you look his statistics and his production during his time with the D-backs.

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