Anthony Davis Put His Los Angeles Home Up For Sale: Is It A Cause For Concern?


Sandra Barrera of the Los Angeles Daily News reported a few days ago that Anthony Davis of Los Angeles Lakers put up his mansion for sale in Westlake Village ahead of the free agency market opening. Its value is an estimated $8 million and includes an indoor basketball court and waterslides as well.

The forward was having another All-NBA worthy season this past season with the Lakers, leading the team to 1st place in the Western Conference alongside LeBron James.

Many have speculated that this is a cause for concern for the Lakers as he is due to hit the free agency market this year and many have said that he might want to return to his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls. However, this should not be a cause for concern no matter how much it seems as though there is.

Anthony Davis put his home up for sale, valuing an estimated $8 million
Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

Is The Davis’ Move A Cause For Concern?

The home is approximately 40 miles away from the Lakers’ practice facility and is a reason for the long commute every day. There is a lot of traffic when he drives to practice and so many have also speculated that he just wants to move to closer proximity in order to reduce travel time.

He rents a $14 million mansion in Bel Air and would most likely try to move to a home that is closer to the training facility or near the Staples Centre.

Lakers fans should not fret about this unexpected move. Davis is probably simply trying to avoid traffic and find a better home closer to where he works which would be more beneficial to him. 


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