Lamar Jackson to be featured on cover of Madden 21


Lamar Jackson has announced via the Ravens Instagram account he will be the cover for Madden 21. It is no surprise Jackson was going to be the cover athlete as the player with the best year tends to be the cover. Jackson is coming off a year where he threw for 3,127 yards on 66.1% completion rate, 36 touchdowns, rushed for 1,206 yards, and rushed for 7 touchdowns. Lastly, how could we forget about him winning MVP while being selected to his first Pro Bowl and First-Team All-pro.

Now, of course, this is a cool thing for Jackson and is probably happy and excited but for some fans, the first thing they thought of was the ‘Madden Curse.” If you don’t know what the Madden Curse is, it is when a player does well the year before gets elected as the cover of Madden and the next year the player either suffers an injury or had a fall off year performance-wise. The most notable player to fall, the victim of the Madden Curse, is Antonio Brown who had a good season but went full-on crazy as we all know what happened between him and the Raiders. There is hope for Jackson to beat the curse as recent cover Patrick Mahomes beat the curse as he led the Chiefs to their first Superbowl victory in 60 years.

The last time a quarterback that could run like Jackson was in 2004 when Madden announced Michael Vick would be the cover. Vick would go on to be the most unstoppable video game character ever to be created as Madden had to make the “Hit Stick” because that was the only way of stopping Vick. With Jackson drawing comparison to Vick will he surpass Vick as the most unstoppable player in Madden?


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