Yannick Ngakoue still wants out of Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue has made it public once again that he does not want to be in Jacksonville after lashing out at co-owner Tony Khan on twitter earlier today. Khan and Ngakoue exchanged words as Ngakoue is still waiting for his trade request to go through after publicly stating his desire to continue his career elsewhere.

Ngakoue would later try and confront Khan on why the Jaguars have not been answering the calls from Ngakoue and his camp. Khan would not respond to tweet leaving Ngakoue to go on a twitter rant where he would tweet “Just trade me”, “Let’s get this S**t done” and “#FREEYANN,” Ngakoue first made it publicly known in early March that he had no intentions on returning to Jacksonville and he feels as his time in Duval is over. Despite his request, the Jaguars responded to his request by assigning him the franchise tag meaning he would be under contract for at least one more year. Although the franchise tag may have been assigned to Ngakoue so the Jaguars could get something in return for him and not allow him to walk away from the team for free. A route Ngakoue can take if not trade away is he can pull a “Le’Veon Bell” and sit out the whole year but most likely he would be assigned the franchise tag again by the Jaguars.

 The Jaguars have yet to receive any trade offers from teams at this point but there is a high chance Ngakoue will be shipped during the 2020 draft. It will be interesting to see what Jacksonville lists as Ngakoue trade value but if you have seen his stats it is almost certain the Jaguars would want at least a 1st-round pick.


In Ngakoue’s 4 years at Jacksonville, he recorded 37.5 sacks ranking second for Jacksonville all-time sack leader, 14 forced fumbles, 85 quarterback hits, 42 tackles for loss, and 2 interceptions. 

Some possible teams that could look to trade for Ngakoue would include the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, and the Minnesota Vikings. The Seahawks were second to last in recorded sacks in 2019 and with Jadeveon Clowney’s slim chances of returning they could look to get Ngakoue who is just as good. The Dolphins have the most first-round picks this year with 3 and could look to add a pass-rusher like Ngakoue as they ranked last in sacks recorded for the 2019 season. The Vikings seem like they have the least chances to get Ngakoue between these three teams but they do have 2 first-round picks and with the departure of Linval Joseph they could look to boost up their defensive line.

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