Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat: Match made in Heaven


Jimmy Butler is a very intriguing player in the NBA today. He is a multiple time all-star who also happens to be one of the toughest competitors in the league. Butler has one of the best work ethics in the whole league as well as having a warriors mentality. The time at Marquette University allowed him to show on a national stage how much of a workhorse he is. After getting drafted 30th overall to the Chicago Bulls in 2011, Butler began to show his hard work and dedication to the game. Once he got the starting role, the relentless effort on defense and on the offensive end was on full display. After getting traded in the 2017 off season to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jimmy got to play with two of the most talented young players in the league in Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns. Unfortunately, the season did not turn out like expected. There were many falling outs, even a time where Jimmy beat the Wiggins and Towns with the 3rd stringers. Then he went to Philadelphia where there wasn’t a clear leader so, in the 2019 summer, Butler went to the Miami Heat. His style was not questioned by the President of the Heat, Pat Riley who expresses Jimmy’s same warrior mentality. The two were a match made in heaven, sharing many of the same philosophies for the team. Here is how Jimmy Butler is the perfect match for Miami’s culture.

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Work Ethic

Jimmy Butler has demonstrated his incredible and relentless work ethic throughout his 9 years in the NBA. Much of his work ethic came from his college days at Marquette. Players like Wesley Matthews told him that he has what it takes to make it in the league. Ever since then, Butler has gone out every single game playing his tail off until he cannot play. Butler has been reported on multiple occasions to call out teammates about their lack of work ethic. Especially during his time with the T-Wolves. Two of the upcoming stars, Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns did not show the passion that Butler did which infuriated him. After that run and with a fragmented Philadelphia team, he made the decision to go South Beach.

Once he got there, the Heat drafted Tyler Herro out of Kentucky with the 13th overall pick. Herro immediately contacted Butler to do a workout and practice on their game. One time in practice, the other Heat players told Tyler to guard Jimmy on their first day of practice. Herro embraced the challenge, which had Butler impressed that a rookie has the same mentality and wants to work in order to be the best. Jimmy has cemented himself to spark other players to work as hard as he does, and that is evident with the Miami Heat.


Underrated Teammate

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During his time in the NBA, Jimmy Butler has been labeled a “bad” teammate and even a “locker room cancer”. When that contract was signed to go to Miami, those rumors were starting to dwindle. Butler has bonded with all of his teammates, but he has especially bonded with teammate and rookie Tyler Herro. Jimmy Butler will tell everyone he can that he loves Herro. Not only Herro, but Jimmy has established unbreakable bonds with his teammates. Jimmy talks about how seasoned veteran Goran Dragic is a phenomenal teammate, “Then just the respect he has around the league, in this organization, and from his teammates just goes to show how he’ll run through a wall for you. If he can go, he’s going to go. Building camaraderie is crucial in order to play to the best on the basketball court. It has been evident that the style of play laid out by Butler has rubbed off on his teammates. In fact, Butler pushes his teammates to be better every single day.

Bam Adebayo, the Heat’s starting center has a bet going on against Jimmy for $500. The $500 was given to Bam if he attempts a three pointer and the $500 was given to Jimmy if Bam does not attempt a three. There are creative outlets that he uses in order to get his teammates involved and working on their craft in the same manner. In the nine years Butler has been in the league, he has always questioned the dedication and passion of the teammates around him. After the summer of 2019, those questions have not come up since joining the Miami Heat.


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