The ideal landing spot for Utah States QB, Jordan Love

Undoubtedly, the most intriguing gunslinger in this stacked 2020 QB draft class is Utah States, Jordan Love. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Patrick Mahomes is a steep incline, but with the right organization, its obvious why.

Love, is what analyst call a ‘raw prospect’. He’s a pure athlete that possesses a cannon for an arm, hence the Mahomes comparison. When you look at Love from a technical standpoint, he’s far from elite, and even further from ready to make an NFL start. Too become ‘the next Mahomes’, he’ll have to be drafted into a situation of development. A team that isn’t desperate for a starter, but to a team with an aging veteran that can mentor him.

Ideally, the most optimal landing spot would be with the Indianapolis Colts. He’d have the chance to become the next generational Colts QB. There’s only one problem that stands in the way; Indy is without a first-round pick. 


On March 16th, the Colts agreed to a blockbuster deal that sent the 13th overall pick to San Francisco, for an all-pro defensive tackle, DeForest Buckner. 

Before this unlikely transaction, the Colts were on the verge of signing 16-year vet, Phillip Rivers (who’d sign a day after the trade), and were primed to take the former Aggie. Love would be put in a situation where he’d get a year to develop, and grow behind a future Hall of Fame quarterback; equaling – THE PERFECT SCENARIO.

Like most things in life Colt fans – it was too good to be true.  

Despite looking from the outside, in of the JLove sweepstakes, Colts general manager, Chris Ballard and the rest of the scouting staff have kept in close contact with him (per Matt Miller/NFLDraftScout). They also held a virtual interview with Love earlier this month. 

Keep a close eye on the Colts this upcoming draft. If Ballard can pull something off, and jump to get Love… Indy might just have their next sheriff. 

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