Sabrina Ionescu signs with Nike


After being selected 1st overall in the WNBA draft Friday night, the former Oregon Duck legend, Sabrina Ionescu, announced her brand deal with Nike. She often wore Nike during college game day, and has decided to fully commit with the brand at the next level.

The company is known to stand against oppression, most notably with their support for Colin Kaepernick. With this move, Nike and Ionescu are shining a light on all women’s sports. In an interview, she said, “The money is important, but I think the vision and kind of the plan they have in place for me, and what I can not only for the sport but for basketball and society,”.

This is not only a huge move for the newly drafted, New York Liberty but female athletes all across the world. The future is bright for Ionescu, as she looks to represent her new league and stand against the oppression of women’s sports.


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