Cole Anthony declares for the 2020 NBA Draft


North Carolina guard Cole Anthony has just declared for the 2020 NBA Draft today in the form of a video he has posted on Twitter.

This comes way after most of the other top prospects in this upcoming draft have stated their intentions, but Anthony decided to shift his attention towards helping his city, New York, during the Coronavirus outbreak. He announced back in March 24 that he was from that point onwards going to focus on how he could help his hometown, as NYC was one of the most affected places by this virus.

In his one season at UNC, Anthony averaged 18.5 points per game along with 5.7 rebounds and 4.0 assists. He also shot 38% from the floor and 34.8 from three.


He has been described by scouts as a capable one-on-one scorer, a skilled and athletic guard who can lead an offense. But there’s also some noticeable weaknesses. First and foremost is his efficiency, just judging by his percentages from the field and from deep you can already tell that, although he has scored a lot for UNC, he has taken a lot of shots to do so. Also, he tends to over-dribble, averaging 3.5 turnovers a night. He obviously needs to also work on his shot selection and his overall floor game, as NBA speed is much higher than in college and it will take him some time to adjust to it. His finishing around the hoop needs to improve as well, as he only scored 53% of his attempts.

Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Some other positive aspects are his tough shot-making ability, his shot mechanics and his ability to score from deep from either the dribble or from catch and shoot situations. He’s an extremely dedicated player on the defensive end, giving 110% on almost every single play and averaged 1.3 steals per game.

Overall, Cole Anthony looks like a solid player who will probably have a lengthy career just like his father, former NBA player Greg Anthony, and has drawn comparisons to Kemba Walker and JJ Barea.


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