Brian Allen becomes first NFL Player to test positive for COVID-19


Los Angeles Rams center Brian Allen has become the first active NFL player to test positive for COVID-19 via Jay Glazer. 

“I woke up three weeks ago and I couldn’t smell anything,” said Allen in a phone call to Glazer. “I lost all sense of smell to the point where I had taken a sniff of smelling salt and still couldn’t smell anything.” “ I then lost the sense of taste, all I could feel was texture in my mouth.”

Allen re-tested for the virus last week and tested positive once again. Allen mentioned because of the length he has had the virus as of Thursday he will be in the all-clear as most symptoms have cleared up except for not being able to taste and smell anything.


 Back in early March New Orleans head coach Sean Payton tested positive for the virus and was the first known coach/player to test positive.


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