Chris Johnson accused of funding murder for hire


Former NFL star running back Chris Johnson is being accused of hiring a hitman to kill the two suspected gunmen that shot Johnson and his friend back in 2015.

Back in March of 2015 in Orlando, Florida, Johnson and his friend Dreekius Johnson were the victims of a drive-by shooting that left Dreekius dead as he was shot in the head. Chris Johnson was shot in the shoulder and made a full recovery.

Police at the time said Johnson was uncooperative and investigators suspected the vehicle had been targeted.


Johnson is accused of paying Dominic Bolden a known gang member in Florida to seek revenge and kill the two suspects. Bolden would go on to kill both suspects in two separate incidents one on Jan.19, 2016 and the other incident to take place on July 24, 2016.

The alleged “murders were to boost Bolden’s rank and rep within the drug trafficking organization, ultimately making him it’s “de facto leader,” the informant said.

According to the court documents, Johnson is believed to have supplied Bolden with “funds and an individual who could continually supply Dominic Bolden with as many narcotics as needed to supply the DTO.”

Johnson would go on to deny the allegations as he would go on to say via twitter “fake news”

 Johnson starred for the Tennessee Titans for six seasons, including one historic 2,000-yard season, before having brief stints with the Jets and Cardinals.


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