NBA Players and Owners Prepare for Season Cancellation


The Corona Virus hasn’t failed to affect every single person in the world. Tallying over 70,000 deaths and a number of cases that make the death count look like nothing. If it hasn’t affected your health then it’s likely to have affected your schooling, work or most of all your entertainment. The NBA was the first sports league to suspend play, following members of the Utah Jazz testing positive for the Virus, most notably star center Rudy Gobert. Now players and fans alike face their worst nightmare on the horizon.

League owners are gearing up financially for the very real possibility of the season being cancelled. This 2019-2020 NBA season is in great jeopardy of being lost despite this being one of the more intriguing seasons in recent history. The battle for LA between the Lakers and the Clippers and a potential clash between the Bucks and 76ers headlined the incredibly entertaining season that we may never see. This leaves us with many questions. How many more years of a prime Lebron James do we have left? It seems wrong perhaps even a crime to rob fans of not only a great season but what may be a key season in a career belonging to one of the greatest to ever play the game.

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